StillSmoking Designs and Native Fashion
“Fashion with a Statement”
    StillSmoking Designs was created by Louis and Gina StillSmoking in 2013.  The very roots of what we hope to accomplish comes from the misrepresentation of Native people in mainstream media and reaches to all forms of art.  We look at the fashion world as a blank canvas, and we use the authenticity of design, creation, and application through our own voices as Native people.
Knowing that people on a global level need direct sources for fashion that are truly linked to the Native people is our mission.  Being able to represent Native fashion has created opportunities for our platform.  We use our designs to speak on contemporary Native life. There are many reasons to use fashion as a format for Native issues, but we strive to do this by using positive visual representations.  By doing so we are empowering the Native and non-Native community with positive reinforcement.  




Louis Still Smoking
Blackfeet Artist
Artist Statement 

    My work is very specific in nature to my culture and my personal views of the world.  I like to use very exploratory color fields in my compositions.  The use of color and the use of my Tribes cultural imagery are very important in building a good painting.  I try and rely on other modes of composition like Impasto layers and line to build a sense of realism.  The layers of paint allow for the viewer to focus on the subject with the ease of the handling of the paint. 
    My desire to see a composition in layers of color and successfully engage that through realism is my ultimate goal.  I take joy in painting on a two dimensional surface and making the viewer look deeper into the meaning of what they see.  Sight and mass are meaningless without purpose.  Purpose is what drives the human race, so i try and paint the Human condition in its realist form.  
To paint you must learn to un-paint, only through this idea can one truly see a painting for what it really is.  It is a question it is the underlying question of the human condition.  We see but at the same time we feel what we see, only then can we understand the true meaning of art.


Reprsenting native people through

positive visual